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Polymer International welcomes new Editor-in-Chief Timothy Long
Polymer International
New Editor-in-Chief Timothy Long shares his vision
Polymer International
Innovation for global impact in polymer science and engineering demands international partnering; research connected to cultural awareness will accelerate the impact of our discoveries.  Polymer International remains dedicated to the international impact of science and engineering, and thus I accepted this position to nurture partnerships for science and accelerate our impact on society. Polymer International will serve as the leading venue for our most significant fundamental advances in teamed science, coupled with an alignment to industry and societal impact.  Special attention will be devoted to the establishment of guiding structure-property-processing relationships.  The journal will challenge our community of scientists and engineers to identify critical questions, present fundamental science and engineering, and demonstrate the feasibility for translation for impact on our lives. In partnership with a vibrant external advisory board, we will strive to infuse advanced polymers into emerging scientific intersections including agriculture, architecture, medicine, energy, water, and computationally guided experimentation.

I’d like to thank Professor Kurt Geckeler for his work as the Editor-in-Chief of the journal for the past 9 years. I look forward to shaping this next chapter of Polymer International from 2018 onwards.

Timothy Long
Professor; Director, Macromolecules & Interfaces Institute Virginia Tech
Papers Professor Long has published in Polymer International - free for a limited time!

Living anionic polymerization of 4-diphenylphosphino styrene for ABC triblock copolymers
Alison R Schultz, Mingtao Chen, Gregory B Fahs, Robert B Moore and Timothy E Long

Synthesis and characterization of poly(propylene glycol) polytrioxamide and poly(urea oxamide) segmented copolymers
Daniel J Buckwalter, Amanda G Hudson, Robert B Moore and Timothy E Long

A perspective on emerging polymer technologies for bisphenol-A replacement
Ashley M Nelson and Timothy E Long

Oligomeric A2 + B3 synthesis of highly branched polysulfone ionomers: novel candidates for ionic polymer transducers
Andrew J Duncan, John M Layman, Matthew P Cashion, Donald J Leo and Timothy E Long

Electrospinning functional nanoscale fibers: a perspective for the future
Matthew T Hunley and Timothy E Long

Synthesis and characterization of sulfonated liquid crystalline polyesters
Qin Lin, Jeremy Pasatta, Zhen-He Wang, Varun Ratta, Garth L Wilkes and Timothy E Long
About Professor Timothy Long
Timothy Long
Professor Long is honored to currently serve as the Director of the Macromolecules Innovation Institute (MII) at Virginia Tech USA, and his international research group in the Department of Chemistry continues to tackle many materials grand challenges at the critical nexus of food, energy, and water systems.  His recent research efforts focus on a “molecules to manufacturing” paradigm both in research and education with a particular emphasis on advanced materials for additive manufacturing (3D printing).  Advanced manufacturing will demand novel polymeric compositions, orthogonal functionality, rheological performance, and a fundamental understanding of structure-property-processing relationships.  Future materials will be geometrically designed in a voxel-by-voxel manner, and interfaces, adhesion, and surface science will continue to be critical elements of leading research programs.

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